Speeding up export time?

Is there anyway to have faster exports? You can see my PC in my signature. Just curious if cubase had any hidden features. Or is this entirely up to my CPU?

If you are using UAD plugins thats going to slow things down a lot.

I have noticed a rather slow export time. Much slower than in Logic. Anyone else share this observation?

Try setting your buffer to as high as it can get before mixdown, does that help ?

I do not use UAD. It is only an Arrow so any plugins I use are WET when recording.

I actually just picked up an RME babyface PRO

Put my buffers on max… Still fairly long. I feel like my cubase used to have faster export times… However, I used way less vst instruments and effects back then!

Also disable, not just mute any instrument or audio tracks that you are not using.

Negative. I always delete anything extra…