Speeding Up Playback Dorico Elements 5

I just started using Dorico Elements 5, and when I begin to play a piece, there is a noticeable latency before the playback starts in a score with only 4 notes (despite having set the count-in to 0 bars in preferences). I checked the preferences, and have 0ms midi lag compensation, the ASIO driver under device setup is set to “Built-in Audio” and buffer size is only 256, so no glaring issues there. And for reference, I’m on a Macbook Pro with an M1 Max chip.

Is there some known way to reduce this playback latency? It takes about 500ms for a piece to play very annoying when you’re trying to iterate quickly… I just checked, and MuseScore 3 doesn’t have this issue.

Are you using Note Performer? If so, this is documented.

Not to my knowledge—Unless this is something that is included with Dorico and runs by default. I’ve tried various VST plugins, the default Haleon piano, Piano Teq 8, and others, and the latency remains.

Note Performer is a third party commercial product, Not included.

Dorico normally takes around a quarter of a second to start playback, if you’ve not edited the score since the last time you played back. If you’ve edited the score, it may take a little longer, because Dorico has to recalculate some (or sometimes all) of the playback information before it can start playback. Dorico is different than e.g. sequencers where all of the MIDI information is known up-front: Dorico has to process the score to create the MIDI information before it can be played back.