Speeding up save times

I know about VEP and decouple and I use it. How can I further improve the speed of saving? What about saving to an SSD? Its also odd how cubase sometimes saves at inopportune times, like in the middle of playback, or right after playback starts…

just tried SSD and it doesnt help at ALL.


Thought I’d reply seeing as no-one else has… Not much help though!

I think it’s probably something you’ll have to live with. I’m using SSD too, not that much different. Perhaps there’s a type of RAM memory disk you could try - that’s if you trust Cubase not to blue screen your machine before you can move the projects over…

I personally find the auto-saving very useful for rescuing from crashes or corrupt projects, but same as you, frustrating in when it chooses to save. I preferred the old method where it saved in the background, so I’d like to see an option for that.

I sometimes find it easier to use Shift-Alt-S, which saves a numbered version, because I can do it at my convenience which means I’m safe from auto-save for say 5 minutes.

I don’t use VEP, but some of my projects get quite large and they can take over 1 minute to save. It’s strange but even if I cut them down, e.g. remove many of the plugins and render many of the edits, once the project takes a long time to save it doesn’t seem to reduce whatever I do. It’d be nice to have some advice or info about that.


Never used auto save because of earlier versions not having an undo history. I save manually after every take or after any editing. It takes me 1/2 second to hit “cntrl s” and it’s at my own convenience. I’ve programmed it into my routine.