Spell checker for text?

Often when I input text I notice much later that I have made a stupid spelling mistake, often after I have printed out the score.
Will Dorico include a spell checker when inputting text?

I have wanted this for years. I hope that this will eventually become a possibility, even if we initially have to update the spell checker manually.

When I type in this box my Windows spell checker highlights any mistakes.

This is what I actually typed before the spell checker cut in:

When IO tpyu in thsi boc my Windows spell cheker higlights any mistakes.

Not being a programmer (or should this now read Apper?) I don’t see any logical reason why, if Windows can monitor what I type here, it shouldn’t be able to do the same for text inputted in Dorico (or Sibelius).
But I bet there’s actually a thousand reasons why this is difficult.

Adding a spell checker is definitely on our wish list for future releases. I’m afraid I think it’s pretty unlikely for the initial release.

I humbly presume that the spell checker is more and more migrating toward the OS if not the hardware. On some of my machines is always in this way (even if I don’t know the result in this post of mine where English UK was selected :laughing: )…

Very good English. Only omission is ‘it’ between ‘machines’ and ‘is’.

Oh yes, true! Thanks Derek :slight_smile:

(As a demonstration that a spell checker can’t substitute an informed proof reading :smiley: )

On a Mac, spell checking is an operating system function for any user-entered text, anywhere. Since the most recent OS X upgrade (El Capitan), spell checking is, by default, ON, and auto-correct is also ON. This usually works well when one is only typing in English, but for me, it frequently becomes annoying and for some applications, where I tend to type in language(s) other than English most of the time (iMessages, Skype, etc), I have to go in and manually disable that auto-correct in each of those apps.

I’m not sure the Dorico team really needs to do anything in order to bring spell checking on the Mac version (other than perhaps just use the necessary class and the correct input field type).

Because we’re using Qt as our application framework, we’re not directly using the native OS-provided text input controls, so unfortunately we don’t get spell-checking “for free” on macOS. This is a reasonable trade-off for us as it allows us to develop Dorico for both Windows and macOS at the same time without constantly having to implement everything twice, once for each operating system, but it does mean that we are somewhat beholden to what capabilities in the OS are exposed via Qt. Obviously we can paint outside the lines, so to speak, but that does require additional implementation that we generally can’t afford to do at this early stage in the application’s life, because we have so much core functionality to implement at the moment.

Btw, what I wrote above, and what I’m writing now, are both from Windows, and the spell checker is on :slight_smile:

For (native English) developers the spell checker is less important, if all the texts are then proof checked in many languages, I imagine)… But a Hw/OS built-in spell-checker doesn’t require to be considered when developing, to enable the user to benefit of it. At least so I presume. :confused:

About Qt, did you ever had performance issues with it Daniel?

No, we haven’t had performance problems with the Qt framework.