Would be helpful for me if there was a spellcheck within Cubase.


No thanks, really no need to waste resources on that.

The spelling of what?


W-H-A-T : checked. :sunglasses:

Depends. I have no idea how much resources are used on this. It only has to be on while typing so probably very little but if there is an engineer out there reading this let me know.

I am a very bad speller and sometimes I upload music to the net with a misspelling in the title. That is embarrassing. A few people are in the same boat I think.

+1 for access to spellcheck.

Maybe add a user preference to turn it off for those who don’t need it or worry about wasting resources.

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The resources mentioned refer to those of the developers, not your computer.

spellling cuold bei nice, butt there is soo mach too do mor importint featuries :wink:

Then Steinberg can just use their preference to hire a co-op programming student (for little or no pay) and get this elementary software function incorporated.

Using too much engineering resources should never be a reason not to incorporate an idea. If enough users want a suggested idea to be incorporated then so be it… Steiney should prioritize the request and, if necessary, hire a few developers (even temporarily) to get it done.

And yes, I realize this request will never get enough votes for Steiney to prioritize it but, I thought it was a good idea so I +1’d it. Also, to keep the clutter on this forum down I figure a non-reply is the same as a -1 vote. If that is not the forum etiquette to follow then my post count will get higher pretty fast.

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It can’t be difficult to a professional engineer to do this in less than one day.

This isn’t only directed at you, CubeDAW, and I don’t mean any disrespect when I ask: How might users know how long it would take or how difficult it would be to program a given feature?

It’s not as if someone opens Cubase in a dev tool, changes some code, saves the file, and puts it the cloud for download. There are checks and balances - the team has to evaluate whether other functions will be affected, and of course there is a cost/benefit estimate to be made too.

There are tons of stuff the devs do that users are never aware of.

hmm, could be nice, but a gelato function would be even nicer.

in other words, -1.

We should look at how many users will benefit from a new function. There are usually things they work on that I will never use. I requested this feature because a number of times, I have wished Cubase had it. Other people agree with me in this thread. I conclude there are many people like me wishing we had this. Sometimes the best new features are not the most sexy features.

i understand, most generally speaking it’s a nice feature to have, but seeing the bug-list and general workflow improvements to be done, i’d much rather prioritize those to a spellcheck function (rather ironic that this board underlines the word ‘spellcheck’ as incorrectly spelled :stuck_out_tongue: ). if cubase had a lyric-writing feature complete with a rhyming dictionary for instance, it would be most relevant, but right now i felt like i needed to cast my first ever -1 vote.

You could just use an online dictionary or spell checker for those few words, you can find that for free on the net.

There’s really no point to arguing. The request has been made, and it’s here for the developers to see.