Spending Money again

Hey guys.
It’s been a while since I have been here. I did used to post loads on the old forum.
But it’s good to see you lot are still here answering the questions we need answering.
So I have done a search, and had a little read, but i would still like a few direct opinions.
I am looking at upgrading my system. I have about 11 grand (English) to spend in all.
For the computer upgrade I was looking at the i7 2600K and a Asus P8P67 Pro. I am happy with the chip choice. But it’s more the mobo, what mobos are you using and how are you getting on with them. I have 2 rme PCI cards, a pcie video card and a uad 2 quad in my current machine. As far as I can tell with the expansions on the Asus board I will be able to move all of these over.
I am still using cubase 5. I am in the middle of a very big high profile project, so I will probably stay on 5 until this is out of the way. I might not even upgrade the computer until this project is done.
Are there any problems with C5 and this set up? Is it really worth me going to C6?
I will also be getting a load of new SE mics, a portico 2, upgrading to waves mercury and getting some more i/o
I was thinking about getting a Retro Sta Level, and then maybe an SSL E channel, or a distressor and a PCB-6a… Maybe an LA3A?

So firstly the computer advice, secondly are there any other great compressors around the 2 grand mark I have overlooked?
I currently have 1176, SSL G Comp, DBX 165A and 166, LA-4 Valley Dynamite.