Spiked Performance Meter

Each time I load a project in Cubase that has virtual instruments loaded, the peak indicator is illuminated on the audio performance meter. As I playback my tracks and MIDI parts, I can hear pops as more MIDI tracks start playing data. Each time, I clear the peak indicator and as the track progresses, ultimately, I don’t get anymore pops or peaks. If I leave the project long enough for the screen to go blank, the peaking starts all over again. When starting a blank project, the meter is clear. I’ve been seeing this happen when I was using Cubase 8 and never figured it out.

I contacted Yamaha and the agent suggested moving the VST3 folder to the desktop and gradually adding plugins back until I find the one that’s causing the spikes in my project. But the only VST3 plugin that I’m using in this particular project is PLAY by EastWest. So I moved that plugin out of the folder and started my project and I still got a peak indicator upon startup.

Any way to get this to stop? I tried deactivating the “Suspend VST3 plugins when no audio” setting in the preferences, but that had no effect.


Hi, increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Such a simple suggestion and it worked. Amazing that tech support suggested something so complicated and time consuming. :unamused: Thanks for the tip!