Spikes Cubase 8.5 pro + Kontakt

I have 32gb of RAM and a 3.4Ghz 2700k processor on this system, along with a load of HDs that run the audio etc. When I have a fair few plugins and running in Cubase 8.5 Pro 64bit on this Windows 10 64bit, the audio becomes problematic. Wondering if there’s just too much stuff running, meaning it’s time to upgrade the system!?

I am running the audio for Kontakt off another SSD so would assume everything should be optimised for streaming etc onto ram. Am wondering if I am missing something in the tweaking of the bios and system as the ram is not maxed out at all. I assume that the Kontakt sounds are stored within the ram then streamed off when needed…?

This issue would continue when increasing the buffer size also.

My sound card is an RME Fireface 800 along with a GT520 graphics card.

Current bios tweaks include hyperthreading: off, Spread Spectrum: off
Hoping for improvements etc…

Any other tweaks would be most appreciated!! :slight_smile:


Try to run LatencyMon utility.

Done, everything is fine.
I’ve just been learning lots on Kontakt, running more off ram rather than the CPU. Also using purge saves loading the whole keyboard of samples to ram etc.