Spiking Fader Problem: STILL!

I know that MattiasNYC has suggested this before, but it really does sound like a hardware controller or automation issue.

What do you use the DA7 for?

I sometimes get little issues like this with the Tangos and a restart usually solves it.

If it is always the same group of faders spiking it could be some hardware failure causing the problem.

Hope you find a remedy for this disaster soon.

The DA7 is my audio interface. I DISCONNECTED the EUCON controllers and it still spiked. They spiked on a project that started out empty (those were different tracks)! Needless to say, THAT one totally freaked me out! I CANNOT find the source.

I swapped out the offending tracks. When I re-open the file later today, we’ll see if that had any effect.

Well, so far so good. The new tracks SEEM to be stable. No spikes YET. I recorded one track since re-opening and it didn’t make those new tracks jump at all. But i’d gone two full session with the old tracks without a spike. That is until last night and this morning. I’m making a screen shot just to be safe.

Day 2 of no spikes. But the session was all editing and pre-mixing. Still… CAUTIOUSLY optimistic.