Spin/hang/crash when app switching

Running into an occasional spin/hang in the last few days. First couple times it happened while in note input mode and switching back to the app (i.e. CMD+Tab on Mac), most recently it happened when CMD+S Saving (again, after an app switch).

Each time it’s hung, I’ve waited at least 10 mins to see if it would un-stick, before force quitting the app. I’ve grabbed the application.log file from the last couple times, which of course I’d be happy to share if useful.

Since the app isn’t technically crashing, there’s no crash log created, but the effect is the same (i.e. I lost a good 30 mins of work the first time, now I’m manually saving after every line I input).

Possibly related: I switched on the Preferences > General > Play > “Suspend audio device in background” setting around the same time I started hitting this (and that suspend does pop up in the console logs).

As always, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help diagnose this. Cheers!

I would suggest disabling the ‘Suspend audio device in background’ option in Preferences. This is more useful on Windows than on Mac at the moment, but it doesn’t work perfectly on either platform at the moment.

Sure thing. I’ve had it off the last couple days now, and I’ve yet to hit that spin in that time, so that seems like the likely culprit.