SpinFx / looping region/ strobing meters

I have to delete the spin efx every time I restarting a project because the automation forgets my pattern and gets off timing. Also if you undo any automations you previously did, it will completely do its own thing and repeat its own pattern over and over. This also happens if you’re in the project too long. Sometimes the mixdown will jumble it up too. And I tried the slow mixdown and even worse results… And a side issue is that the mixdown sometimes makes corrupt wav files when performing either a stem or total mixdown that won’t open up in anything else. You gotta keep performing this over and over until you get lucky with a good one.

(Edit) a track select for stem mixdown is needed so you don’t export empty tracks to empty wav’s. (Again, more options in settings)

The loop has issues… the loop region can barely ever stay in loop… what will happen is it will start looping a section of audio outside of the markers… buffer too slow? Does the device latency have anything to do with that? Maybe not…
…and one annoyance in the workflow is that the loop button should only be the one that engages the loop and not the the holding down of the track event because it goes into a loop when just trying to move events around … holding the track event should only apply the markers if anything… or maybe have that as an option in the settings to shut that off?.. I don’t see anything that does… and it can sure use a lot more options in those settings.

Also the meters are now strobing or stuttering when reading the decibels.

My projects are about 30 audio tracks or so large… don’t know if this causes any issues … cpu and dsp seems ok.

Cubasis Latest version
iPhone 8 latest OS
iPad 5 latest OS

Hi @Septimo,

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