Spinning beachball on factory new MBP retina quad 2013

This confuses me.

I bought a top notch macbook pro i7 quad last month. Its really great. I installed Cubase and it worked so great.
Last week i got a hardware malfunction, that made opening Cubase lose the startup window (splash) and also getting the spinning beachball. I got the computer replaced, and its now totally out of box / updated.

it doesnt really affect the program. it starts almost the same. (which is FAST on an ssd these days).

But still. I dont understand why i have lost my startup screen. Even on another computer.

Could the installer be corrupt? Everything else works!

Have anyone else seen this?

Aloha n,
and no.

But I sometimes think that it would be kinda nice to have the
option of either showing or not showing
the ‘splash’ screen on start-up.

I have the same problem with my new macbook pro. It loads and works fine but the c7 startup window is no longer there. I’m wondering if it has something to do with an Apple update of some sort. I think at one point it was displaying at startup but I’m not sure. Can’t remember honestly. I was transferring files from my old laptop around the same time I was working on the new one so… It could be that I never saw the startup logo on the new computer. One thing is certain…if it was there before, it AINT now. My MBP is the Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013, 2.7 ghz, i7.