Spiral Groove Studio One Redux

After thirty-five years of lugging these things around I cannot believe my luck and joy at being able to summarily execute my NS-10s. Finally. Yes, finally.

Year after year I yearned for a full-bodied near field monitor that could deliver translatable, reliable mixes and, year after year, despite tidal waves of new and groovy technology, nothing really measured up. So, year after year, I have ruined countless hours/days/months/years of listening and mixing time strapped to the NS-10s like a bloody suicide vest.

I can finally shed the monitor of misery and walk hand in hand with my new and abiding love: The Spiral Groove Studio One.

I can encapsulate my feelings briefly and with preternatural certainty:

I can hear everything with total and complete visceral satisfaction

That’s it.

Next up…

1 pair of old and beat up NS-10s for sale circa 1984.