Spitfire Chamber Strings Multiple Articulations- Noooooooo!

Hello all. I have a vexing problem in Dorico with my Spitfire Chamber Strings. I have used the Cubase Expression Map as well as working on my own. What happens is I set the score up to go from Natural to Pizz. When I monitor the Spitfire VST, It goes to Pizz. It also keeps the Natural going as well. This is an option for this library if you would hold the shift key down while switching. I don’t want it to happen. Later other articulations will work perfectly but occasionally the double articulation will occur pop up again. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Spitfire libraries and is there a solution? Thanks for any assistance.

Pappaus, do you use uacc controls ? it should help !
Here is a previous post:

doesn’t it work to put “natural” and “pizz” in a mutual exclusion group? That would seem the simplest

Uacc controls are more simple to use than KS and you won’t have this problem with pizz/natural anymore…
Anyway this problem doesn’t come from dorico but from spitfire (with KS)…

(FWIW) I happened to research this scenario a bit further today, and it seems the problem goes away if you put the equivalent of the Natural technique in the OFF EVENTS list for each technique switch…

I’m having this problem in Cubase 12 with Spitfire Chamber Strings. Using UACC instead of keyswitches doesn’t fix it. Everything is in the same group, so should be mutually exclusive. Any other ideas on how to stop multiple articulations from being selected?

Unfortunately, @take3, I’m not sure you’ll get much joy here in the Dorico category, but maybe somebody will have an answer for you!