Spitfire forced to stop Cubase on project close.

Just installed Spitfire Audio and downloaded string library. I use free Kontakt 5 player. Maybe this it is the reason why all together don’t work as expected? All is working perfectly until I close project - “Cubase 9 has stopped working” and Windows will close the program… This happens with both 9.5.30 and 9.0.40 versions.

While Installing Spitfire Audio, I saw that it installs Visual C++ redist. for x86. Maybe this somehow disturbs working Cubase on 64 bit machine? Should I reinstall Cubase or what else I can do?

Next observation.
If project created in 9.0.40, then all is okay - can save, close and quit normally. Then, if I open the same project in 9.5.30, play some bars and then close, Cubase stops working.

New observations.

In first post it was a project where added 3 Spitfire Audio plugins and also FX track for them, containing Waves Hybrid Reverb.

  1. In empty project added Spitfire Audio. Tried to close it and all is okay.

  2. Now tried the same - one Spitfire Audio and one Waves Hybrid Reverb in track’s Insert (not FX track). Tried to close - all is okay.

  3. Next step - in the same project I add second Spitfire Audio plugin. Tried to close - Cubase has stopped working. The message is - “An unhandled wwin32 exception occurred in Cubase9.5.exe [9116]…”

That boring message and crashdump file attached…
Cubase 64bit 2018.6.2 11.52.dmp.zip (154 KB)

What do you mean you just installed “Spitfire”? And which Spitfire “Strings” library did you purchase? Some libraries also require the full version of Kontakt…did you check the requirements before buying? In any case, I suggest that you contact Spitfire support for assistance. They can help since this is a problem related to their product and not Cubase specifically.

I’ve a similar issue but I’m on a mac with Nuendo 10.3. Almost each time I use Spitfires Chamber Strings Nuendo hangs on shut down. All is ok, project runs well and I’m able to save the project but when it comes to shut down Nuendo keeps hanging.