Spitfire Monitor RANDOM Freeze Bug?

EDIT - 11/18/2020: After retesting yesterday morning, I could not recreate the bug. So I’ve relabeled this as a RANDOM bug.


I discovered a bug that appears to be specific to Spitfire products. When using the Abbey Road One (AB1) AND BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover (BBCSO) with more than one monitor and in Cubase 11 (or Presonus Studio One 5), the Spitfire controls freeze under some conditions. Below are details of the bug I logged with Spitfire.

Note that the bug does not appear with any other libraries that I tested.

Has anyone else seen this type of “Freeze” bug?



p.s. To be clear about one point - I love Spitfire libraries.

My system has four monitors:
(1) 3840 X 2160
(1) 2560 X 1440
(2) 1900 X 1200

To replicate the bug:

  1. Add a Spitfire instrument to a Cubase 11 track.

  2. Click the track’s “Edit Instrument” button.

  3. If the Spitfire UI opens in the 3840 X 2160 or 2560 X 1440 monitor, all is well. Spitfire controls work perfectly.

  4. Move the Spitfire UI window into one of the 1900 X 1200 monitors. Spitfire controls are frozen. ALWAYS!

  5. Move the Spitfire UI window back into the 3840 X 2160 or 2560 X 1440 monitor, all is well again. Spitfire controls work correctly.

Now test with only the Komplete Kontrol software:

  1. Open Komplete Kontrol.

  2. Open AB1 or BBCSO.

  3. Select an instrument. Instrument window opens.

  4. Now move Komplete Kontrol window to all four monitors. AB1 and BBCSO windows work PERFECTLY.

Note that I tested this with Cubase 11 and Presonus Studio One 5. When I tested it with other libraries in each DAW, all was well. They worked perfectly. With Spitfire libraries, the issue occurred again in BOTH DAWS. I.e. it only exists in Spitfire libraries.


This sounds like Spitfire bug to me.


I agree, but it only occurs inside a DAW (Cubase and Studio One tested). I curious if anyone else has seen this bug.




Yes, it can be an issue in the Spitfire plug-in (implementation), not in Spitfire stand-alone application.

Especially if this happens in 2 DAWs.


Thanks for the feedback.

After the Spitfire folks requested more details, I retested yesterday morning and could NOT recreate the bug! :angry: So I’ve relabled the bug as random and will have to see if it occurs again.

If anyone sees something like this, please record your settings and add to this thread.