Spitfire Playback UACC and dynamics for beginners

I’d like to share my personal experience with a Spitfire soundbank in Dorico.
I’ve just created this page
(for beginners only :grinning:…like me ! ):
May be this will be helpfull for somebody !
Olivier (french cellist)


Merci Olivier !
If you want to have voices with their own dynamics, you must input the dynamics using the caret, with the accurate voice chosen (you can check on the left of the caret which voice is selected), invoke the shift-d popover, input your dynamic and alt-enter. In play mode, make sure your instrument has the different voices sounds enabled, and that each voice triggers a different instance of vsti. This should be ok.
You’re welcome on the French group in FB if you are not already there :wink:

Merci Marc :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks to you i 've just succeded to set dynamics to different voices !
FB : even if i know that socials can be helpfull, i 'm not fond of the Zuckerberg 's monopole, growing more and more by crushing the little ones… FB is to big to be honest !..just my opinion, this mountain of sugar will melt one day ! But If there is another active french social, why not !
Olivier…et vive les chanteurs :wink:


Hi gariaou. I tried to use Spitfire solo violin with UACC and an expression map like yours. I set “Locked to UACC” in Kontakt but I get no sound when playing via Dorico…

Could you share a cut-off project, so that we can try and understand what is going on.

Thanks for your answer Marc. I made my test with the attached project.
test violons.dorico (2.2 MB)

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Je regarde dès que j’ai un moment ! :wink:
Ok, I just tried, and actually it worked “as expected”, if I load my Spitfire Solo Violin. I don’t know what library it is you tried to use, it says demo here.

Merci Marc :wink:
The library is Spitfire Solo Violin, exactly the same as you, the full version, not a demo.

  • first try : load the plugin, not the EM : it works, but (of course ?) it doesn’t play any articulation (except, that’s strange, the trills !), nor the dynamics. :
  • second try : I load the EM (the same as yours, I think, the UACC one) : no change, except that the trills are no more played :frowning:
  • third try : in the plugin, I tick “Lock to UACC” (I read in many places that we have to do this) : this time, no sound at all when playing.

Well, you need to lock to UACC in the plug-in in order for it to respond to this. Note it’s not UACC KS (KeySwitches) but Lock to UACC.
I made a video here showing it does work as intended. There are very little different techniques used, but it works. Vidéo test
I cut down the project to Spitfire, I append it here too.
test violons Spitfire.dorico (2.5 MB)

It didn’t work for me. First, I do not have your Playback template, but I don’t thing that this is an issue.
The important thing is that we do not have the same library. You have “Solo strings” with the quatuor.
I have “Solo violin” (just the violin). They say that it is just a part of the “Solo strings” but I’m afraid it’s not. The interface is slightly different : in mine, I do not see any articulation, just “Total performance”. Here is a screenshot :
Capture d’écran 2022-02-09 123311

Yes, I think it’s the same violin, as far as I remember. There are two views for the “main window”, Kontakt’s GUI is unfriendly as possible, but you should be able to change the view by clicking on the tool (clé anglaise) at the top of the left panel, above SPITFIRE SOLO VIOLIN on your picture.
Note that with the library manager (godsend feature) and the file I’ve sent, you can import “my” playback template very easily. Not sure how it will get on with your version of the library though.
In any case, I need to be in the view you’ve seen on the video to choose the Lock to UACC thing… I don’t know about you (I have to click on the lock to see the menu that’s opened in this picture).
Capture d’écran 2022-02-09 à 14.26.00

I have contacted Spitfire. In fact, it’s NOT the same violin :frowning:
Things are very unclear on the web page of Solo Strings. For the solo violin they say “also available separatly”. But this instrument is not the solo violin extracted from the solo strings… It’s a patch intended to be played live (with NO articulations !!), which is of no interest with Dorico ! So I asked them to reimburse me. And I’ll buy the full “Solo strings” (the best solo strings samples I have heard until there) to get the full set of articulations !

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Anyway, thank you for your help, when seeing your interface, I understood my misadventure…

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So , if I understand it in the richt way, spitfire solo violin does not work in dorico? I just bought it. And tried it in Dorico. No results.

You’ll need to be more specific about the nature of the problem you’re having, Cees. What have you tried? Does the Spitfire plug-in show up in the list of available plug-ins in the VST Rack panel in Play mode? Are you able to add it via the VST Rack panel in Play mode? What happens when you try to assign it to an instrument using the Routing section of the Inspector panel in Play mode?