Spitfire SSO (Symphony Orchestra) expression maps?

I’m afraid I don’t know at this point. I don’t actually own the library in question, so I get the “missing files” too, but I obviously can’t correct it by pointing it at the location for the files.

Thanks for these explanations. I guess I should update my file with Kontakt 7 when I get a chance!

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Great idea! Also I tried to open the Percussion + NotePerformer PBT in my own project, it tells me that I’m missing sounds and to open any instance of the Kontakt Player to fix it, to which Dorico 4 crashes before the Kontakt Player loads up… Any ideas here or know anyone who may have thoughts on this?

Does Native Access know where it’s installed and it’s registered?

My guess is no… this is my first sound library. How can I set this up?

It sounds to me as if all these replies are along the right lines. If you update Kontakt as I did, then immediately your projects fail because the Dorico project is looking for the older version of Kontakt and you need to change the VST to the new version (or, as someone did, rename the Kontakt plug-in itself after installation so it becomes version agnostic as most other VST’s are, though I haven’t tried this myself). It can be a good idea to use Kontakt with VE Pro – then you only need to update the template once rather than manually correcting projects.

How do I download this older version and which version is it specifically? I downloaded Kontakt 6 from Native Access. Or how do I change the VST to the new version (or rename the plug-in)? As of now, I only plan to use NotePerformer with the base sounds and Burgess percussion of course…

As regards older versions, you should be able to find and download through Native Access any older version you have a license for. So for instance, I could go back and download the v5 I uninstalled again if I wanted. But I don’t.

In Dorico, you just go into Play mode and the VST and MIDI tab and locate the version of Kontakt you actually have installed on the system and then apply that to each instrument in the Track Inspector.

I did this but unfortunately it did not fix the issue… Still no sound and it crashed again…

do you get sound if you load the project with the default Halion template, rather than the Spitfire library?
In my experience, the most common reason for my not getting any sound is that the instrument channels in Dorico don’t match the channels in your VST - in this case Kontakt. If it’s just the Expression maps which are incorrect, you may not get the right dynamics or patches but you will usually hear something.

Yes, I do. Getting this message from Kontakt…

Upon trying to correct it, Dorico crashes…

well this simply means that the installation path for Kontakt has probably been changed or is incorrectly set so it can’t find the samples. Or just possibly a faulty installation I suggest you follow the NI instructions here https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408645722257-KONTAKT-Error-Message-Kontakt-instances-cannot-be-recalled-correctly- for sorting this out.

I did this but still no sound… What is the problem here?

Here’s what the Kontakt looks like… @MarcLarcher any clues on what is wrong here?

does it work in Kontakt standalone? It seems to be a demo version – don’t they time out after a while?

I’m not quite sure how to run libraries in Kontakt standalone yet… It says demo because this is the free kontakt player which is required version for the library. It will say demo unless you have kontakt full is my understanding.

I don’t own this library, but some other Kontakt libraries I have open in “Demo” mode if they can’t find the license. Have you entered the license key in Native Access? If you click on the … under the name in Native Access and click “Locate,” does it point to the correct location where you installed it?

close Dorico, start Kontakt (on Windows all you need to do is type Kontakt into Search – not sure the easiest way on a Mac), load the patch and play on the virtual piano at the bottom of the screen. If you still get no sound then it’s certainly not a Dorico problem.

I feel like an idiot right now… This was the correct answer @FredGUnn! I dont know how that pass me by but I hadnt registered it in Native Access. Thank you everyone for your time.