Is it safe to assume that the Spitfire audio stuff doesn’t really work with Dorico (outside of the map for the BBC *Symphony Orchestra)? I like the LABS stuff.

LABS does work, but you need to define expression maps for each instrument. Generally cc1 (Mod Wheel) and cc11 (Expression) are assigned to the 2 sliders. Right click the circular control and a cc# might have been predefined, or you can change it using MIDI learn (but you can’t do that directly in Dorico).

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Depends on what you mean by really. As Janus says…

I guess I mean with the ease that Musecore handles them.

I know nothing about MuseScore. Looking at your screenshot, I guess Dorico makes you click a couple of times to get the Spitfire/Labs player loaded, whereas it looks (in your screenshot) as though the hierarchy flies open without subsequent clicks. I’d say that is easier, but there are so many things that “easy” might apply to or not. Which version of Dorico are you comparing MuseScore to?

You set it up like every other 3rd Party VST library in Dorico.

I don’t think the LABS have any limitations or obstacles that makes them more difficult than any other VST.

Beyond your image of selecting the VST in MuseScore (which is not that different from doing it in Dorico) – how does MuseScore handle the Expression Mapping?

I’d argue that Dorico has the best feature set and support for using any VST instrument or sample library of any notation software.

FWIW I remember having posted some percussion maps for Labs Percussion and maybe another one. They do work as expected.


Gods morning Matt, I’m curious why you were asking it that way?

The one’s I’ve used I’ve found them a little simpler to set up expression wise. The Abbey Road series is different from bbc as they are to me like shortcuts to a great but specific sound. And similarly I still find their inexpensive intimate strings to do some things better than any of the bigger libraries I have - but again made only for that. In that sense there is a direction in SOME of their products that might be most suited to a composer who wants to play things in more than orchestrate in detail. Regardless they do work just fine in Dorico for me.