SPL Vitalizer demo/C6 crash

Hello everyone;

Just installed my upgrade C6 from C5 (also C6.2)
But I cannot get C6 to start.
When opening C6 it stops and a screen appears wich says: “Trail has expired” and "I can choose to quit: when I do that, C6 crashes, or authorize the Vitalizer: when I do that it tells me that no ilock can’t be found (wich is obvious, because the demos work without this ilok thing if I’m right.)
So when I then choose for “cancel” Cubase crashes again.
I’ve tried this several times and normally Cubase puts it in the blacklist and Cubase will start after some attempts, not this time…

Now I want to uninstall SPL Vitalizer, but I cannot find any information on how to that.
Can someone please help me with this?

I’m on a Mac pro 8core 2.8

Thank in advance!

Just move the .dll from the install location and re-start Cubase.

Hi Mashed,

Thanks for the reply.
I’m going to try and look for these .dll files if I can find them, I even can’t find the install location or anything with SPL and or Vitalizer :frowning:

Not a Mac guy, but are they here?


If not, you could try running the installer again and note the default path.

I’ve looked there, but there’s nothing like SPL and/or Vitalizer…
I’ll look again and better, also for something that could point out to this VST…

I’ll try that, but C5 still works, also with the expired Vitalizer, though when I put that on an insert, I’ll get the same message, try to authorize, doesn’t work, because it needs this ilok thing, hit cancel and C5 crashes too!

Are you sure the demo didn’t expire?

EDIT I see it did expire. Most likely the reason for the issues.

Yes, it expired
The demos of this otherwise quite nice VST, don’t work with the ilok, but instead a so called “analog code”
Can’t find that too…
This is a real dumb thing
Can’t remove, delete or uninstall it (untill now) so that I can work with C6!
Guess I’ll write to SPL in Germany; hope they can help, though the weekend is there now…

Did you try running the installer again and noting the location? What’s the file extension of the other plugs in the directory I posted earlier? Is there a Program Folder for the plugs that contains the un-installer?

No, I didn’t try to run the installer yet; I’m looking on the SPL site if I can find something there: nothing so far, so I wrote them a mail…
The file extension of the other plugs have no extensions as far as I can see: just the little “Lego” block or whatever it is with VST on it in front of the name of the VST (as usual on Macs)
No, there’s no prog folder that contains the un-installer (as far as I can see.)

You can right-click a file on Mac and select to see the properties, can’t you? This would be a way to see the extension. If there was an installer for the plug, surely there has to be a program folder created.

Like I said, I’m not on Mac. Just trying to help.

Yeah, that’s right; I would do that, when I could find this stupid VST icon for Vitalizer…
I’ve downloaded and installed the demo again, hoping there was an uninstaller as well, or that I have again 14 days to try it :confused: but that didn’t help too…

Your help is much appreciated! and though your not on a Mac, you know quite some serious things about them.
And you give me ideas on what I could try.

I’m working with Cubase since it was available on Atari, quite some years ago; things where so much easier back then.
I mean: I’m making music as much as possible, without the hassle of things like this; I’m not very deep into computers, but find my way somehow…

Can you open Cubase at all? If yes, go to Plugin Information and it will show the path to the plug. If no, try Trashing Prefs and then opening Cubase and doing the same.

No can’t open C6 at all, but I’ve opened C5; that still works, looked at the plugin info and looked for the path of Vitalizer: it’s not there! (though when I try to put Vitalizer in a channel-insert, the same window, that it’s expired, shows up/cancel/crash

So, I’m not able to trash my prefs in C6 and I don’t want/need to do that in C5, wich works well and stable.

You don’t need to open C6 to trash prefs.

Ah, yes; I’ll do that, but I’m not sure how to do it.
Is it the Library/Preferences/Cubase6 path? and then just trash the Cubase6 map?
There’s a lot of “thingies” in there…

Ah, well; maybe tomorrow is a better day; getting a bit tired of it…

Just curious-have you found that .dll file yet?

To trash preferences on a Mac, yes -users(your user name)/library/preferences/Cubase 6. Make a copy of the folder by dragging it to your desktop (always a good backup plan) , then pull the folder in your preferences file to the trash and empty it.

Also, the demo should be in the VST folder…users/library/audio/plug ins/vst. If you really don’t find it in there (though you really should) use Spotlight (very top of the screen on the right) to search by name. Delete the demo and you should be good to go.