Split 3rd chord notation

Does anyone know how to insert a split 3rd chord symbol (e.g., “C(!)3”). For more information, please see, “Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music”, by Stefan Kostka.

For this, I think you’d need to use the text popover.

Edit: not the best way, sorry. See below.

Thank you. Two thoughts:

(1) The text popover places the text at the top of my instrument list, can I designate the text to be placed on the instruments that are designated for the chord popovers?

(2) Also, it would be useful to footnote this chord designation in some way. For example, “C(!)3 means, the C chord has a split 3rd, both major and minor are of equal importance.”


  1. Unfortunately not.
  2. I agree footnotes would be a helpful feature. It’s been discussed and is on the radar, but at the moment it’s not a thing. You would want to create a master page design that included a text box at the bottom for footnotes, and apply a master page change to that page, and add the footnotes manually.

Edit: You could actually edit the chord manually. Engraving Options–Chord Symbols–Project Default Appearances. That’s better than my original advice.

Many thanks.

The exact reference is unclear for split thirds. In “Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music”, by Stefan Kostka, p. 48, says, “There is no standard analytical symbol for split chord members. In this text an exclamation point will be used …” Examples in this book are, C(3!), F(1!), F7(7!) and F7(3!).