Split all events, select next event

  1. when i have more than 1 event on a channel and split the event on the front, cubase 10.5 split all events under the front one(overlaps). it wasn’t on older versions. how can i fix it?
  2. in older versions i select next event with arrow keys on keyboard even the overlap events under front event. now when you push arrow keys cubase select next event on front. how can i fix it?
  3. the mute event is more visible than selected event. when you mute an event it makes it highlight in white and when you select a channel it makes it black. we were nice with red bracket.
  4. still no redo undo in mixer and parameters…

after 10 years experience with Cubase 1 to 5, i buy cubase 10.5 and i’m not happy with it.
just make a 64x version of Cubase 5 :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

  1. Do you mean the Audio events are overlapping in one Lane? Or are they using multiple Lanes?

  2. What “older” version do you refer to, please?

  3. Yes, there is. See History tab in the MixConsole, please.

Hi Martin Thanks for your replay

  1. When i split event from top all lanes split

  2. Cubase 5

  3. you saved my life :smiley: thanks


This is actually a feature. In current Cubase we use this, if we want to create a perfect take. So you have multiple takes recorded in the lanes. Then you want to cut all of them at the very same place, because you are going to choose only one lane for every single part, by using Comp tool. To make sure you split all of the lanes at the very same place, you split in the most upper (track) layer. If you want to split single lane at a specific place, click to the specific lane.

Thanks Martin

yes i use this feature when i want select vocal tracks but sometimes i want a quick access to events under the front one and it makes me angry.
i thing this feature should be able when you are in lanes mode.