Split and move to new track not working properly

I’m trying to split and move audio events in Cubasis 3.2 in order to comp together takes, and I’m getting extremely strange results. When I move the split audio from one track to another, the entire contents of the “to” audio track changes.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Record 3 different takes on the same AUDIO track (I did it by looping)
  2. Duplicate the track twice to create 3 identical tracks
  3. Delete the top event on track 2 and the top 2 events on track 3 so that each track has a different audio take on top
  4. Split audio on the lowest track in 2 places to create 3 smaller events
  5. Move the middle event that you just created on the 3rd track to the first track. Notice (if yours works the way mine does) that the entire audio events (not just the part that is being moved) on both first and second track have changed into the contents of the third track. This is true of not just the “to” track, but of the middle track where the snippet event merely hovered over for a moment.

This can’t possibly be the correct functionality, can it? I would expect only the event that was selected to be moved to be moved, which would allow for a somewhat streamlined way to comp together multiple takes.


My setup:
Cubasis 3.2
Ipad pro 11 inch (2018 version)
Ipad os 13.3.1