Split and volume change functions work very slowly on a clip with VariAudio edit

The problem is more noticeable when working with several audio files on which VariAudio edits have been made.
Then splitting a clip or changing the volume is very delayed. There is quite a delay between mouse click and response.
I have a PC with a very good Intel i9 10850K@5GHz 64GMRAM RTX 3060Ti.
This problem did not occur until Cubase 9.5 version.
From version 10 up to version 12 this problem is there.

Check on video above delay between click and reaction.


I’ve tested it but there is no issue at all.
How can we reproduce it reliably from a blank project ?

Hi, thanks for response.

Here is how my typical session looks like when is zoomed out:
This is 4 songs recorded one after another
Blue tracks are music
Greens are vocals: all vocals are variaudio edited (with lot of edits and “straighten curve” adjustment)

Then each vocal track have 30-40 cuts/splits - clips with lowered volume (these are loud breathes)

And additionally clips are cross-faded (using “x” key)

Problem is happening with 2 or more songs. Problem started with Cubase 10 release.

Alright this really is not an issue nor a bug or whatever.
I managed to get it a bit slower by making 100+ splits, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Cubase is not expecting the user to make that much splits on a single event.
I think this is a normal performance drop and it depends on your CPU. Maybe my CPU is bigger than yours and that’s why my PC can handle much more splits before the editing slows down.
In version 10 they may have updated certain things to get better audio processing, at the cost of visual performance if you make too much.

Thanks for answer!

I am working on such looking sessions since Cubase 5 (since VariAudio came out)
and had no problems over the years on much worse CPU’s.

I am using “all smart controls” mode in VariAudio window such as tilt, straighten, volume, etc.
At the moment I am writing this words, the delay between click and response on Cubase
is almost 1 second before any adjustment is made (bit longer than on video above)
That is making my work very uncomfortable and not effective.

For me - as I am Cubase user from Atari ST version (yes, I’m 45 yo) - its a bug, not feature.
My working day is based on this edits 8-10 hours per day.

The true is, that after version 10 update many things became worse than was before,
check out the forum how cubase 10 made beta testers out of users, for example
how we asked creators for the restoration of the way colors are assigned to tracks, etc.

Some of bugs still exist in Cubase 's core and described issue is one of them.
Functionality and sound of Vari Audio engine haven’t been updated from 9.5 to 10.
Maybe, implementation of ARA extensions changed the way how clips are calculated.
I don’n know, that is why am asking competenive forum.
Maybe I am not the only one who works mostly on multiple variaudio clips and have delay in adjustments.

Still, I supposed my Intel i9 10850K@5GHz is strong enough to manage this without problem.
My maximum utlization of CPU during very strong sessions with more than 100 3rd party VSTs is about 10% (and of course perfomance is causing dropouts) but it is maybe different issue called here - “bad performance of Cubase since version 10” - check out forum how users are playing same sessions on 9.5 and higher version and are dissatisfied after noticed a worsening of performance with no better sound quality.

I forgot, to reproduce this issue (it may be important), all vocal tracks are normalized to -28 LUFS BEFORE any VariAudio changes, so the steps are:

  1. Record vocal track 3 minutes long (1 song)
  2. Normalize to -28 LUFS
  3. Edit with VariAudio each note using pitch, tilt, strenght and volume.
  4. Split breaths (approx 50 splits) and change volume of clip with breath, then crossfade (x-key),
  5. Repeat it for 2 or more songs

Yes, me too, agreed entirely.! What used to be a pleasure gradually did become more of a chore… despite the fantastic new tools introduced at VA3, I noticed overall performance beginning to suffer. However, I adapted my workflow, to focus on smaller chunks of audio at a time, render/bounce them and keep periodic ‘Save As’ new project versions, that I could refer back to.

Although, I have to say, I don’t experience the kind of ‘lag’ displayed in your first post video, simply trying to adjust the volume handle of a clip - even with lots of VA edits/splits throughout.

Your PC spec looks super powerful enough to cope, not sure what to suggest… is it a 96Khz project.? Is it all projects, is there video involved, are other background tasks going on unknowingly.? What does Task Manager look like when you try to perform any operation inside Cubase.? Is CPU or memory being exceeded/peaking out.? Check external storage if used - is it providing enough data throughput.?

From my sig you see what I bought around late 2015 and am (still.!) running ok with… I know, it won’t last.! :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck.!

Well, I don’t know what to say. The problem doesn’t even come from VariAudio, it is a part of a global graphical performance issue, which becomes worse when the editor is opened.
The performance already becomes bad when you are just making a lot of splits on a single file.
Editing with VariAudio adds a bit more to it but isn’t the culprit, nor are the crossfades.

Please try to do the following :

Close the editors (change the lower zone to mixconsole or hide it)
You will see that the performance is much better.

Now open the lower zone editor.
Notice the performance becoming worse.

And now open the windowed editor so you have both editors opened.
Notice the performance is even worse than with just one editor opened.

No comment ?


when I am working with multiple clip splits the problem is getting worse.
With one edited song problem doesn’t exist.
It is going to be worse and worse each split I make on third or fourth song with 2 or 3 takes.

That’s why it seems to me the problem is not strictly related with the GUI,
but maybe some other calculations with multiple clips cuts/splits based with:

  • variaudio (pitch, straighten curve, tilt),
  • audiowarp (time corrections in variuaudio window)
  • clip volume
  • clip volume envelope (using draw tool)
  • crossfade between clips