Split Arrange Window in C7?

There used to be a way - I don’t remember how long ago - to split the arrange window in to 2 panes and scroll each independantly, mostly I think to keep certain tracks visible while moving through others.
Similer to what can be done now in the mixer.

I’ve searched the manual and clicked all over the arrange window . . .can’t find it.

Is this still a feature in C7?

Hmmmm…I don’t ever recall seeing that before.

Yes, and it´s still called “track list divider” and it still is mentioned in the manual. But it´s now located in the waveform zoom slider area…

Which does not mean it´s not there…

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A problem can arise that if the screen is split, but one accidentally moves the split point to the top of the window, it “disappears” but it is there, one has to place the pointer right at the top and click and drag down, I did it a couple of times and head scratched, but that was the solution, hope this helps

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Dave Abbott

Is this the answer?

Yes, like I had said three threads before already…

Three POSTS before. :mrgreen:

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Thanks, everyone.

I was stuck on the word “split”.

Tracklist Divider.
How silly of me to miss that!

Yeah and I can’t believe he didn’t find it because I can’t stop finding it lol


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