Split at cursor help


Split at cursor splits all events on timeline.
To only split one event it has to be selected (right ?)
question : is “range / Split” the only way to cut an event with keycommand ? (appart from split tool that needs the mouse)

If yes I don’t understand that behavior by default. I need to cut specific events 99% of the time. When I need to cut all I can deal with selecting all or normally it’s to move things around and I would use range / cut time past time.

Also … having to select an event before spliting it removes some of the workflow to me. And if in the speed you forgot to select it… it will cut and you might not realise until you see all events unedr timeline are split too wich is always a pleasure to “heal” within hundreds of tracks.
how you do that ?

You can use a modifier key to temporarily get that split tool without selecting the event. If that’s what you need.


Ps: i never bother with healing accidental splits i just leave them… unless it’s needed of course…

There’s a different function that splits just the one event but I can’t remember what it’s called at the moment. I just swapped the key command to that other function and it feels way smoother.

I use “Split Range” 99% of the time for splitting events. You actually don’t have to have a ‘range’ selected. It works with just clicking where you want to cut.

The rest of the time I just use the modifier key to bring up the split tool.

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Is it that you don’t want to use the mouse when editing?

Since I have my hand on the mouse most of the time, I use the Alt key 90% of the time. (I have the Object Selection tool enabled by default.) Only very rarely do I use the Separate tool. (It took me months to realize that all I have to do to use it is click the “3” instead of clicking the tool at the top of the toolbar. Ouch! :crazy_face:)

And if I ever accidentally put in one cut too many, I look at it like “MattiasNYC”: it doesn’t bother me.


you mean “alt” and clic on the event right ? yeah I would like to not use the mouse. This is when you manually enter TC or use jog shuttle to locate a position. or you use Go To Left/Right cursor position… or you want some macro using the range tool and do some cuts here and there wihtout the mouse.

i’m super annoyed by those :smiley: specially if you have some AAF or you add DOP and don’t realise that audio is split :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah split range is usefull, alt clic is usefull all are. But sometimes I would like to be able to have a cut at the timeline position on the event that is on the tracks that are selected…
can’t manage to get a macro doing it and was wondering if there’s a function for that.

You can use the ALT key + X without the mouse, but then all events are split at this point. If you only want a special event, you have to select it beforehand.
If I understand this correctly, then it would be helpful in your case if it would be enough to mark only the respective track and not a special event?

Like MAS said there’s a key command for that. It will split selected under your current location.