Split Audio To Multiple Tracks While Recording (C9/C9.5)


(Tested on Cubase Pro 9 and 9.5)

Am I the only one who have that “great” feature - while recording audio and clicking on another audio track, recording will continue on that clicked track. Interesting is that at the end you cannot join these pieces together, because there will be a silence 0.1 ms.

So the question - for what is this feature? And why recording is not locked to the track it was started to record while other features are disabled while recording?

Turn off, record enable selected track in preferences.
So annoying it is On by default, can really mess up a recording.
I use manual record arm and monitoring, just forgot to turn them off on a fresh install.
That almost tripped me up yesterday recording 2 bands live at a local venue.

Thank you!
When I posted this, I felt that something was in Preferences.

Preferences -> Editing -> Project & MixConsole -> Enable Record on Selected Audio Track.