Split band recording?

I am pretty sure this won’t work. But I want to understand why. Here’s the scenario.
Studio A is a Nuendo 7 facility with VST Connect Pro. Studio B is a Cubase 8.5 room, also with VST Connect Pro.

Studio A is the primary recording facility. The session is to record a bassist & drummer in Studio B along with a guitarist & saxophonist in Studio A. I was told that the monitoring setup would be unworkable for the 4 musicians to be able to play together. I am not clear as to what the exact limitation of the system is that prohibits this. Can anyone explain why?

VST Connect is not designed for sessions of any kind. The only way it works is to connect one Performer to one recording facility.
In a local setup you’d have to have real wires to provide all parties with simultaneously occuring signals. VST Connect requires delays and buffering in order to connect people remotely and isn’t designed for this scenario, sorry.
In any case, additional buffering is required when connecting over networks. P.A. systems (digital snakes) can provide very low latency, but unless tailored to this particular task, audio interconnections over network will introduce further latencies that will get in the way.