Split bar cautionary accidentals?

I think there is no option for this? Would be good to have it. Experienced the lack of it in a score used last week, even spilt bars to a new page without restating the accidentals. The score was not made in Dorico because it was made in 2010 or so but nevertheless.

No, at the moment none of the accidental calculation algorithms take system formatting into account, as the accidentals are all calculated prior to the system being laid out and spaced. It would unfortunately be very complicated to change this as it would mean that you cannot fully calculate the width of the music before spacing, because you wouldn’t know until after you have spaced and cast off the music whether or not accidentals should appear, which would then have the potential impact of changing the spacing and hence the casting off.

We do nevertheless need to tackle this at some point to make it possible to show e.g. parenthesised accidentals for tied notes at the start of a new system, but it’s a difficult enough problem that it’s not something you should expect soon – we’ll need to sit down and spend a few months working on it at some point.


I think I understand the difficulty. Maybe also has to do something with a kind of flexibility in Dorico which makes it necessary to use “propagate properties”?
I am patient, still experimenting and hope to teach about Dorico at the Utrecht Conservatory later this year.

Propagate Properties is much less of a necessity from 3.5 onwards, as there’s now a switch at the top right corner of the properties panel that allows you to set properties globally or locally.

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Thank you, did not realise this!