split bar / insert system break WOW!

WOW! So cool.

Did you know you can split a bar by using the “Insert System Break” command?


In Engrave Mode: Select the note or rest where you want to split the bar. Then type the command or click the corresponding icon in the “Format Systems Property Box”. I love this program!

Sigh . . . some of us have to enter those keystrokes twice for the split to take effect. :confused:

It also puts the bar number automatically in brackets when you split a bar onto two systems. No more hiding barlines and inserting a bunch of bar number changes - nice!

Incidentally the default shortcuts for system and frame break will be changing as of version 1.0.10 to Shift+S and Shift+F in Engrave mode, to reflect the fact that they can be created only in Engrave mode.