Split Bar Marker

As per Behind Bars pg. 490, a bar split across a system break should have two diagonal lines mid-stave to show that the bar is incomplete. Is this possible in Dorico? If not, will/can this be added in a future update?

The excerpt from Behind Bars is shown below.

It’s not currently possible exactly, though you could easily add a caesura and drag it onto the staff in Engrave mode. Simple to accomplish, though not automatic.

Well, so far in about 60 years of reading sheet music I’ve seen plenty of split bars engraved or hand copied during the last 3 or 4 centuries, but I’ve never seen that convention before.

It could be another instance (like clefs and time signatures splitting double-repeat barlines) where “everybody except Gould has been doing it wrong since the beginning of time”, maybe…

:smiley: 40 years ago, when I worked as a composer only, one of my copyists did it the Gould way, but can’t remember seeing it elsewhere…

I have seen several scores with occasional split bars, and it has always seemed to me that the absence of a barline at the end of a system is enough to make it clear that the bar continues on the next system. This is not to say that the addition of Gould’s symbol would not be welcome. In a related matter, I have sometimes seen a mordent in the middle of each staff of a musical example that stops before the end of a bar; I have used this convention myself in this context.