split beam groups over tie

Dorico never does this by default. Have you imported the source in via MusicXML? The easiest solution I can think of is to select the whole group of notes and go Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming.

If pianoleo‘s dilution doesn’t work (and i am convinced it should!), you can also select the note after the barking and chose edit > beaming > Split beam

It would be generally helpful if you avoid .TIFF images on the forum, since they require an outside program/plug-in to open.
JPEG, GIF, and PNG images are easily accessible within the forum framework.

When I click on your tiff link in MS Edge on Windows 10 Pro, I get the standard message for downloading files, “do you want to open or save.” If I select open I then wait for WIndows Defender to do its security scan, and the image finally opens in a separate window using MS Paint.

FIrefox is even clunkier, because I have to tell it what app to use to open the tiff file.

Maybe there is are browser plugins that automate this, but I find Windows works most reliably if you just let MS do what it wants rather than trying to improve it.

I wouldn’t let Google Chrome anywhere near my desktop PC. Google knows far to much about me already without capturing every keystroke I enter!

OTOH for png or jpg, the image just displays in another browser tag with no hassle.

Chrome on Mac certainly won’t open a tiff - it’ll force you to download the tiff and then view it locally.

You can grab the relevant bit of a tie chain in Engrave mode and apply the beaming changes there. For future reference, do investigate Preferences > MusicXML. You may find that if you untick most of those options you actually have less fix-up to do once the MusicXML has imported.

I find it easier to use Greenshot. You use a keyboard shortcut to capture the screenshot, click the upload button; Greenshot silently posts the image to imgur and sticks the url onto the clipboard. You then just paste straight into the message box here.

Yeah, but only in Engrave mode. Just click the relevant notehead.

Dear vanmeule,
Think of Engrave mode as a graphic mode (every graphical object can be selected or modified — as long as it does not change the music) and the Write mode as a semantic mode where you do change the musical meaning of objects. I find this to be a good rule of thumb to know where to perform what. Love your thread.