Split Channels by frequency

Someone asked on another forum if ppl do it, and I can’t say I have in Cubase, and now i’m wondering is there another way of doing it, other than creating duplicates.

Say, for example, I have Groove Agent One, and I want output 1 split 3 ways for hi mid and low frequencies, all routed to a mono group for processing. Other than creating 3 pads of the same thing, splitting the frequencies up and routing them to the group, I cannot work out how else it could be done.

Any ideas ?

Use sends and split at the groups´inputs.

so if I used 100% send , in essence is similar to routing the entire channel elsewhere ?

Not sure what it’s called in C6 (haven’t done this in C6) but you want the send to be “pre-fader”. That way you can keep the fader down at zero and yes then the send will be essentially like routing the channel elsewhere.