Split flow crashes Dorico


Trying to split this flow at any point before the end causes Dorico to crash.
split-flow.dorico (1.1 MB)
I’m using 4.3.11 on macOS Ventura (latest public release).



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Thanks for reporting this. We’ll make sure this gets fixed.


Any luck this issue has been fixed? I’m on Windows, but encounter the same problem. Fingers crossed…

Can you attach the project that’s giving you problems here, along with steps to reproduce the problem?

Hi Daniel (@dspreadbury )! I’ve experienced this issue multiple times lately, too. Can I send you my project privately? Thanks!

Hoping my challenge is appropriately fitting to this topic being discussed.
I used Split Flow today on a small project and after indicating a specific point on the flow where to split, I used the function and part of the score disappeared. On ly the beginning of the music stayed. The rest was gone. A new flow showed up empty.
Having used this function before, I know that this is not supposed to happen.
Any ideas?

We need to see the projects themselves along with specific steps to reproduce the problem to be able to investigate further. You are welcome to attach projects here or send them to me via private message if you would like me to take a look.