split flow problem

I’m working on a score where page 1 is the theme + coda, and page 2 is an interlude to be played at some point.
I wan’t to put a final barline on page 1 because that’s where the piece ends, but Dorico won’t let me do that because there’s some more music on page 2.
Ok I think - select the first note on page 2 and hit “split flow”. But now I have 2 identical flows - though the interlude now only contains the chord symbols - all the music is gone from what used to be page 2.
What’s happening here ??

Why can’t you put a final barline at the end of the first page? It should be possible to do that directly by selecting the barline and clicking the final barline in the right-hand panel, or typing Shift+B to open the bars popover and then typing “final”.

ok - got a little further. If I select the barline and use the final bar icon Dorico puts it 1/8 too early, so this bar now is a 7/8 bar, and the first 1/8 note from the next bar is moved to page one (I have a frame break on page two)
If I use shift B and “final” it works. I wasn’t aware that I could input “final”…- very smart :slight_smile:
But this doesn’t explain why “split flow” produces two identical flows and some music vanishes in both flows…?

I doubt that’s really what’s going on, Mads. Perhaps there’s something going on with the master pages that’s causing the music to appear on both the left-hand and right-hand pages. Attach the project and we can take a look.

My best guess is that you’ve adjusted one music frame and then added another, which is showing LA 1. Set it to MA 2 (or MA 1 if it’s the first music frame on the page).

ok - attached here… ( just remove the zip ending…)
I didn’t touch the master pages at all - still haven’t got my head around this feature :ugeek:

Another problem - with this file open - if I load an older version of it in a new tab Dorico crashes.
I would like to attach the Dorico Diagnostic file here I but get the message that it’s too large. I deleted the diagnostic zipfile before I had Dorico create a new one but apparently Dorico keeps record of it…
VejBossa2.dorico.zip (571 KB)

It would appear that if you use a custom score layout (as you have done for your lead sheet) flows have to be added manually to it. This doesn’t play nicely with “Split Flow”. If you insist on using “Split Flow” (which I don’t think is necessary here at all) do it with the full score in front of you, not the lead sheet. It’ll then work fine, but you may need to manually add the new second flow to the lead sheet because you’ve used a custom score layout rather than an ordinary part layout. You do that by going to Setup mode, selecting Lead Sheet from the right panel and then ticking the tickbox next to the second flow in the bottom panel (which, on my machine, shows as Vejbossa_1).

Thank’s pianoleo :wink:
I see that page two has a page override… - I don’t know where that came from unless it’s because I inserted a frame break ?
I did split flow with the full score but you are right that I don’t need it in this piece - I did it because of the problem with the final bar thing…:slight_smile:

Inserting a frame break doesn’t constitute an override. It may be that you adjusted a frame somewhere on page 2, but I can’t instantly see where.