split flow produces chaos in dynamics and vocal text

Searched forum for “split bar problem”, but it seems this was not reported up to now.

After splitting a flow into two flows, I found messed up a lot of the dynamics and vocal texts in the first one of those flows.
(Second was ok.) Some examples attached.

There were a lot of chances like pp got p<, < got > and mf got f, etc.
Possibly linked dynamics were more affected then single dynamics.

On the other hand, text parts from normal 1. vocal text line were transferred to the translation line,
and elsewhere, some words were inserted just “somewhere”. Pew.

This happend in a quite big, complex score.
I could not reproduce this in a new, simple score.

I hope this problem is known and already fixed.
It was a real mess, cost me a lot of time to clean up.

By the way.
It’s not about Dorico being loved for 1001 cool features.
Ist about Dorico not beeing hated for things like this one.

Don’t know why the examples where removed.
I try again:



I have a similar problem when I copy and paste large sections using the system track. I assume it’s a matter of linked dynamics and slurs.

Rather than trying to clean up the mess, how about duplicating the flow and then removing the end bars from Flow 1 and the beginning bars from Flow 2. Does that work?

You may want to consider unlinking and ungrouping dynamics in the 10 bars surrounding the split point, I guess…