Split Flow with iPad version?

Hello, I learnt, that the iPad version resembles the SE and Elements version of the desktop application. I did not find a menu to Split a Flow though. Is this an overlook from my side or might we expect to see this at a later version (I am on 2.1)?

You may well be able to invoke Split Flow by way of the jump bar. It’s not included in the contextual menu on the secondary toolbar at present.

Thank you Daniel. I will have to investigate on the Jump Bar in the iPad version (w.o. external keyboard).

The new Jump Bar is like the Terminator version of keyboard shortcuts

You can’t access the jump bar without an external keyboard at present, but we’re thinking about whether or not that will always be the case.

Yes, I tried and couldn’t find a way to get the Jump Bar display on the iPad. May be a little [J] button next to the little selection icons at the top could bring up the Jump Bar plus the internal keyboard somehow?¿
:thinking:just thinking :thought_balloon: