Split Grand Staff to separate MIDI channels


How can I setup a piano grand staff and export to a MIDI file which has treble and bass staff on different channels?
I want to write scores in Dorico and use them in Yamaha Smart Pianist App, which requires SMF with left/right hand and secondo on different channels.
Up to now I used Capella Software, which has a checkbox for that task in MIDI export.

Btw, sorry if my question was already discussed before, but the forum search does not allow to search for “+channel +staff”, the word “channel” is ignored and I get tenthousends of results just with “staff”…

There isn’t an option to do this, but you should be able to get the same effect by enabling Independent Voice Playback, which will then route each voice to a separate channel:


That works, thank you very much!

However something is confusing me:
I created a basic piano grand staff and in Play-Mode I can choose “Voice 1 Upstem” or “Voice 2 Upstem”
But when I’m in Write-Mode, all notes in G-Staff and F-Staff are “Voice 1 Upstem” (at least the status bar tells me when I click on any note).

For investigation I added an additional Upstem Voice with Shift-V (showed +2 and the Upstem Symbol). Selected note in status bar shows “Voice 2 Upstem”, as expected. But in Play-Mode I can now select a “Voice 3 Upstem” :confused:

Can somebody pls help me to understand?

It’s a rough edge, I’m afraid. Write and Engrave modes use separate voice numbering per stave, but Play mode uses a single set of voice numbers across the whole instrument (as it has no way of representing different staves, cross-staff notes etc.). You’ll need to use your eyes and ears to work out which Write/Engrave mode voice corresponds to which Play mode voice.

If I recall correctly, the latest version of Dorico will immediately show you in Play mode the notes you select in Write mode.