Split Loop splits ALL tracks? How about just one?

Hopefully a quick question… I’m using Split Loop in the Project Window (as opposed to the Part Editor), with Show Lanes turned on for an electric guitar track I’m editing.

My question: I’d like to be able to use the Split Loop function on the ONE guitar track I’m editing WITHOUT all my other various tracks splitting as well.

Possible? I could have sworn I’ve done this successfully before, but now it’s splitting every track (regardless if I highlight the electric guitar track in the track list first). Short of locking all the other tracks (a pain) or moving to the part editor (which I love, but has no glue tool - grrr!), what’s the solution here?



Bump… !

And if no one knows the answer, how about this related one: Anyway to quickly lock editing on all tracks EXCEPT the one you’re working on?

Hmm, no answer. I’ve not really done this. Though I’d probably selectAllOnSelectedTrack, press kp-1, press split (ctrl-k??), press kp-2, press split (ctrl-k?). That might do it, is it what you’re after? Could write a macro too.

And for the other question, you could probably write a project logical editor preset for that, again, I’ve not done anything like that.