Split measure in Dorico 4.0

I’m quite sure ‘split measure’ exists in Dorico 4. I just cannot find how to do it.

Thanks so much!

Select the note where you want the split and add a barline.

What do you mean by “split measure”?

Breaking it into two measures just requires adding a barline. If you mean “split it across two systems” (ie-end a stave with an open bar) then you have to insert a system break, and make sure that you have the option ticked in the global preferences to permit split bars across system breaks.

I need to put the last beat of the last measure in a system onto the start of the next system.

Inserting a barline creates a new measure with a new time signature.

Select the last beat. Insert barline (This shortens that measure). Select the note after your last beat. Insert barline (this creates the single beat measure). Use Engrave mode tools to position the pickup bar on the next system.

Or just allow system breaks to occur in the middle of bars? With no impact on barlines or the bar count?

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Ah yes - I forgot that option!

Works like a charm. Thanks so much!

You’re very welcome – that’s just the link to the option James mentioned earlier in the thread.

Glad it’s sorted now.