Split MIDI keyboard between 2 instruments

Is there a way to split a MIDI keyboard between 2 instruments?

For example; Octaves 1 through 3 could play a bass instrument, and octaves 4 through 8 could play a piano.

Hi, can be done. It depends on your midi keyboard how to do it.

If your midi keyboard allows splitting and assigning different midi channels to the created zones you can route its midi to two tracks/instruments in cubase (use channel filter in input modifiers!)

If your midi keyboad does NOT allow splitting you can also use midi modifiers in cubase to define zones that get recorded to a track.

As a hint (because this has been discussed in another thread that i currently dont find): If you use the INPUT TRANSFORMER to define what range has to be filtered out this will affect what is recorded to your midi track.
If you use midi modifiers/Midi parameters (inspector) this will affect the playback and midi trough, but notes that are outside the desired range will still be recorded to the midi track!

So - yes, it can be done.

Depending on the instruments being triggered you may also be able to restrict the range on those.