Split midi notes in half (without the grid)


I need to split a bunch of midi notes in half (all legato), but the track wasn’t recorded with a metronome, so the tempo fluctuates a lot and the notes aren’t locked to the grid. I could calculate the distance between note A to B, but it would take forever to do that for hundreds of notes.

Any way to achieve this? Or some hidden cut in half function (non-grid dependent) I’m unaware of?


When you say “split the notes in half”, do you then require both halves of the note, or do you just want the notes to be half the length?

Hi! I require both halves of the note.

Here’s an image, I guess it’s easier to understand. :slight_smile:

High resolution: http://i.imgur.com/jS5vITx.jpg

As you can see, the notes have different length and aren’t locked to the grid at all.

In that case, you really do need to align Cubase’s tempo to your unchanged MIDI Track (presuming that, “musically”, the notes are intended to be quarter-notes (or multiples) exactly on beat starts?).
And, looking at your screenshot, I think the best method in this case is the TimeWarp Tool (and using the key Editor’s “Snap to Events”, rather than to “Grid” Snap setting). Work from left to right, dragging the barlines in the Key Editor until they Snap to the start of the desired note (or, if the notes are intended to be 8th-notes rather than quarter, drag the1st and 3rd beat lines of the grid :wink: ).
Then all you have to do is change “Snap” back to “Grid”, and, with the Scissors tool, split each note on the 3rd beat of each bar (or whatever is the half-way point of the note). The whole thing shouldn’t take you much more than twice the realtime speed of the music :wink:.
This (having done the tempo map) also then gives you the possibility of syncing other MIDi stuff to it, adding tempo-synced delays etc. :slight_smile:.

Nevermind, I figured it out after rtfm (I’m a lazy bastard :laughing:)

You can easily do this using the logical editor -> action target -> length -> divide by 2

Thank you for your suggestions vic, really appreciate your time!

Yes, but that merely halves the lengths (which is why I asked in the first place)… you lose the 2nd half completely. (“Divide” here means divide the length mathematically, not “divide into two parts”).

Couldn’t he divide the LENGTH and then copy-paste and shift all the duplicate notes to the right?

The problem there, is that it was played “freely”, therefore the original notes would not all be the same length, and nor would the distance between note-starts be equal. Therefore, he couldn’t just select them all (after halving the length) then copy/paste, because it would paste only to the distance that is correct for the first note. He’d have to do it individually for each note.