Split Multitrack Session Waves into Single Songs

I have a 14 wave tracks in cubase. I want to cut ALL the tracks down into each songs. I DON’T want cubase to refer to the original file. I want to have song folders with 14 wave files per song. How do I do this?

I’ve investigated exporting the tracks and into new wave files but still end up with the full size wave file with the XML file. I’ve also looked at bouncing the files but don’t have a clear path to do this.

I know the benefit of cubase is being nondestructive. BUT I want to cut each 40 min wave file into each song. I want to end up with groups of the wave files for each song.

The reason behind this is I use two Zoom R16s, and just let the guys play. My files when I import them in they are each microphone, the entire length of the session. I guess I should make a NEW project in the R16 but I don’t like that. I just want the band I’m recording to go.

Thank you for your help!

That’s easy, but you’ll need a little bit of time.

Safe your project.
Delete all files from song 2 up to the end. DON’T DELETE IT FROM THE POOL, just out of your project window.
Backup your song into a new folder, choose the “delete unused” option.
Safe it.
Now open your last version with all songs in it.
Delete Song One, Three, Four and so on, BackUp your song into a new folder.
And so on.

You may need a good hour for it, but then you’ll have different folders for different songs.

I do that on mostly every production when I start mixing. The advantage for me is, that I can record all songs in one project, make one basic sound. I do not have to open new projects every time, only for mixing

I hope, this helps,
cheers, Matze!

I appreciate the help but it appears I didn’t explain myself well. I eagerly your method and it didn’t achieve what I was looking for. I’m going to explain using only one track and hopefully the fix can apply to a multi track situation.

A. I have Track 1, Guitar, Wave file size 100MB all in one project.
B. I now want to cut this Track 1 into the two songs, into two projects with two NEW new raw wave files.
C. That way I can have a folder with just the raw file waves in a folder. I can edit, process and do mix down for each song.
D. I wanted to see a reduction in files size using your technique to delete unused portion. Instead it yielded that original 100 MB files size.

It appears that every method I’ve tried still exports large wave files, eventhough it looks clean in the Project work screen.

Maybe this is what Wavelabs is for?

I appreciate the help!

Ooops, I’m sorry, I missed one step.
After cutting your tracks, you have to select all files of a song and “bounce selection”.
That should do it.

Cheers, Matze!

Excellent! That was the key. Thank you very much for your help.

You’re welcome!