Split out perc instruments of each perc player

I have three perc. players, each with several instruments. I want to have each instrument on a separate line or stave, whereas Dorico created only one stave for each player, even though I assigned multiple instruments to each player. How can I change that?

If they don’t have overlapping notes, Dorico by default enables multiple instruments held by the same player to share a staff via instrument changes.

You can disable instrument changes, but this will affect the entire layout – so if you have a flute doubling on piccolo for example, and you want those two to share a staff, you might want to think of another alternative.

Do you want all the instruments to appear on separate staves always, in both the corresponding part and the score?

If so, do they definitely need to be held by the same player, or could you give each instrument to a separate player, and then combine as many players as required into the same layout to create the required parts for the three people that will be performing this music?

Or, you could combine the instruments into a kit for each player, and control the presentation of the instruments in the kit on a per-layout basis?

Thanks @Lillie_Harris ! I now combined the instruments of one perc. player into separate lines/staves. Unfortunately, I did this after I have notated everything onto one stave. I firstly had it all written on one single line, and labeled the instrument changes when they appeared. Dorico now leaves everything on the top stave, and I cannot copy the notes to the place where they belong. How come? I have a one line cymbal stave, and a one line tambourine stave - everything is on the cymb. stave, so I need to get the tamb. notes to their position, and Dorico won´t budge. I tried coping from cymb. to tamb. but that won´t work, I tried opt./M to move the notes the stave below. Nothing works. To type it all in by hand again can´t be the solution, can it?

Have you switched to galley view, where you always see all staves in the project? Page view shows instrument changes sharing the same stave where appropriate, if instrument changes are enabled in the layout.

It sounds like perhaps that’s what you did originally, meaning in Dorico-lingo, all the notes belong to the first instrument held by each player.

If you’re stuck, share your project here and I’ll take a look.

Thank you, @Lillie_Harris ! Yes, I work in Galley View. I´m not sure if I understand the procedure of instrument changes in Dorico, but that may not even matter, since I indent to have each instrument of the perc players separated out. I upload my work here, and if you have an idea about how I can do the following, I´d be happy! Perc player 1 holds a cymb and a tamb. The upper stave is cymb, the lower is tamb. Up until bar 18 everything is fine with the cymb. from bar 18-49/1 on the notes on the cymb stave belong to the tamb. Same thing from bar 62 till the end. As I said, I tried to copy them onto the tamb. stave, but that does not work. Another problem is how I would split the Glock/Cajon stave. I have everything on a normal five line stave, and I would like to have the Glock and the Cajon on separate staves without having to notate everything anew, again.
Ulf Muller TSE27 2nd formative - Live and Let Die.dorico (2.7 MB)