Split page in the middle?

I have a piece with a significant amount of string divisi on some pages, so that those pages don’t fit on a regular A3 page (a single page would be around double the height), and I’m wondering if there’s a way I can separate a page so that the strings are on their own? Or possibly there’s an easier way to approach this? Thanks!

For reference, I’m doing something like this: Atmosphères - György Ligeti - YouTube (2:54, if it doesn’t bring you to the right time).

You will have to create some custom Page Templates that specify specific players. I made a quick example file.

Split Page example.dorico (1.0 MB)

I’ve managed to duplicate your split page example, but the problem is that the split pages always start from the beginning (of the whole score by default, though I managed to at least make it the beginning of the flow, which still isn’t what I want). The UI for the page editor is extremely unintuitive and could use some refinement. It also doesn’t help that all the Steinberg videos are from an earlier version with a different UI.

If you make a new custom page template for these pages, rather than editing the Default page template, you should be able to assign the custom page template just to the pages where you need the split.

Make sure the frame chain for the music frames on your custom page template are set to the same chain as the Default page (usually this is MA), and draw in separate music frames on the left/right pages so you can select different players on each side.

I’ve created blank templates and assigned them to just the pages I need to split, but those pages always start from the beginning. If I set them to MA, it changes it for all pages set to MA, so they have to be unlinked. But when they are unlinked, they merely duplicate the selected instruments from the beginning of the project/flow. If I draw in addition frames, I get both the original page and the the page from the beginning.

Ah yes, sorry I forgot what can and can’t be different within the same frame chain.

Are you trying (essentially) to split the frames to create a double-height (tiled) page as implied in your initial image?

Basically, yes. They all need to be printed on individual A3 pages, so I’m just trying to find the best way to approach that. Thanks.

I wonder if using something akin to the piano duet format with coincident pages on left and right (perhaps with page number centered or no page numbers) would let one print sheets that could later be combined. No question this is a kludge, but if it works, you are welcome to try it.

I guess I am imagining the end result would be to paste pages one below the other . The trick would be to make sure bar lines were aligned.

Potentially something like that could work. Part of the problem is this is for a scoring competition, and in addition to the PDF, I also need to submit the Dorico project itself. The PDF I could cobble together in a PDF editor, exporting it in the two different sizes and mixing and matching, easily enough. Though I think they mainly want the Dorico file so that they can print off scores for individual parts, so it might not make a difference in the end.

Sorry, I didn’t even notice that. I did it rather quickly. Would it be possible to put those pages in a dedicated Flow?

Can you define a (huge) custom page?

Page size can’t be changed within a Layout. The whole Layout must be the same page size.

One could define a single system per orchestral page and let the blank part of the shorter pages spill off the screen in the Dorico file while finessing the page size in the PDF.

I suspect the Dorico file is for generating parts if a decision is made to perform the piece. Presumably one could ask the sponsors how the Dorico file will be used.

I believe you’re right about the Dorico file.

That idea has potential, I’ll give it a shot and get back to you. Thanks.