Split Piano Stave MIDI channel

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to split the MIDI channels between the right and left hands of a piano stave?

I’m currently composing in an ‘orchestral sketch’ template and I have a grand staff that I used a Piano instrument for the strings.

For one I’d like the ability to have one stave be in pizz and the other be arco or staccato etc… I’m also getting some weird dynamic ‘throttling issues’ when I have a passage under a held drone note.

Dorico interprets a piano as a single channel. Your best bet at present is to add two single-staff instruments, set both to a piano sample, and use the Brackets and Braces tool in Engrave mode to manually add a bracket.

Got this sorted out…

Created Soprano and Bass singer staves which automatically bracket, renamed 'em hi and lo strings… good to go