Split polyphonic midi track in to seperate tracks

Hello everyone,

I have a very specific problem for which I hope cubase (I have version 4.5) has a solution. I have browsed the forum and found several topics that offer close to the solution I am looking for but not exactly what I want. The problem I have is as follows:

I have a program that can convert midi files in to a specific type of MML which is a format that can only play 3 tracks and every track can only have 1 note at a time. Now when I open a random midi file in cubase I can limit the polyphony to 3 voices. Then I am stuck. I want to split these 3 voices in to 3 seperate tracks. The only way I found to do this is manually select all the notes and copy paste them in a seperate track. Dissolve part makes more than 1 track and the score editor does not split polyphony. The locial editor has the option to split high and low notes to channels but since I am not very knowledgable about cubase I have not figured out how to make this so that it goes to different tracks. On top of that I noticed that it uses the split based on pitch which would not split up polyphony if 2 notes are within the same pitch range.

I have tried plugins but I am unable to make them work (http://www.midi-plugins.de/mplug/mplug-splpol.html, http://xhip.net/effects/?p=notelogic)

I was able to make the notelogic one work with a program called reaper but this program somehow changed the arrangement as well which was unacceptable.

Hopefully there is someone that can help me here,

TLDR; I am looking for an automated way to split a 3 voiced single midi track to 3 single voiced tracks.

thank you for your time,