Split Screen Workflow

I thought I’d share one of the features I most love in Dorico at the moment. Thanks to flows and the split screen windowing, I’ve made one flow an abbreviated sketch of chords and melodic outline that sits to the right of the fleshed out, full score. Doing this, I can always have my notes present on one side as I work on the complete score on the other side (a large monitor helps).
Furthermore, I can keep my notes with the project and just deselect the notes flow from the full score in the setup mode before exporting or printing. This is just wonderful!

What cool gems and tricks to Dorico have you found?

Great suggestion!

Feature request for Split screen mode

I think it would be very handy for Dorico to allow for the possibility to turn on and off a “sync” mode while viewing layouts in split screen mode that would scroll all windows together. In horizontal split screen and galley view, for instance, this would have the effect of a galley view with only the selected staves, so that scrolling left or right on either part would scroll all views together! The only user action required would be to set both zoom levels the same and turn off multi-measure rests.
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.57.12 AM.png

Fantastic idea! It would be like a super version of Focus on Staves.

Stephen - you read my mind!

Hi Kevin,

it’s the exact same helpful feature I love in Dorico, having everything in one project.
I guess my approach is similar to yours. With Dorico I began to use flows for preparing piano lessons. Take, as an example, Morning Has Broken , and sketch it out over several flows, i.e. from simple to intermediate to difficult to demanding, to serve the different player levels.

Thanks bob! agreed, there are so many ways to take advantage of the Project / Flows aspect of Dorico. So easy to arrange and re-arrange movements of a work for example.