split-second drop outs when selecting tracks or parts

hello everyone. I have this issue in cubase 10 I cant figure out hoe to fix. when i click on track or click to open a midi part, theres always a spliy-second audio drop out in certain tracks, but not in all tracks.
how can i fix this ?

anyone please help

That sounds like maybe a buffer issue? I’ve never experienced your issue, and I’m guessing not many other people have based off the lack of responses.

Is this problem with every session or just certain ones? Is there a CPU or drive spike when you select a new track? Do you have multi-processing on? Do you have the ASIO-gard on?

We’ll need more details in order to help.

its not the buffer. cpu doesnt spike. asio gurad is on. multi-processing is on.
it only happens when i click select things inside of cubase projects

I have the same identical issue, and only for some combination of changing track selection, does not happen all the time, no spikes or any other visible anomalies, just a pause in the audio. Also on Windows 10. Cubase is super stable and glitch free for me in every other way.

I am using an RME Fireface 802 as my main interface, latest driver, but I’ve had this issue for a long time, basically always just ignored it. What are you using?

Disable ASIO Guard and see if it goes away. if it does, try the minimal setting.

Tried without asio guard, tried with minimal guard. no luck

I found this happened with Vienna Instruments Pro so I disabled asio guard just for VEP (you can find it in the bottom of the plugin manager), you might try that for some of your VSTis.

I just talked to steinberg-yamaha support on the phone.
the gentleman asked which asio driver version and sound card i was using, happened to be latest driver fro steinberg UR22mkII,
so he told me “since you’re running the latest driver, it must be bad cable or something”,
so it I told him this is not happening in in cubase 8,
and he just told me "I’m really dont know whats going, is there anything else I can help you with ? "
this is unbelievable!

I think I found the issue: if I disable Constrain Delay Compensation the problem goes away completely - everything else I tried has made no difference, but this seems to do it.

Strangely, it does not seem to have anything to do with actual latency in the system - tried with no plugins at all (0 overall introduced latency) and if the Constrain Delay Compensation option is selected I get a significant (at least a half a second) pause (and silence) every time I switch track selection (and not for all tracks, but in this test project I had it happen consistently between audio tracks).

Turn off Constrain Delay Compensation and everything is buttery smooth, no hiccups at all!

happens here still, with Constrain Delay Compensation On or Off