Split stem chords + articulations

Hi everyone. I’ve noticed that on ‘cherry tree’ / split-stem chords, Dorico adds an articulation symbol to both the main stemmed notes and the auxiliary notehead. On tied notes this ends up looking really cluttered and unclear. Is there some global setting to tell Dorico to only add an articulation over the main stem of the chord? (If not, is there some manual way to hide/remove the auxiliary articulation? I poked around for a while but didn’t find anything.)

I can’t find a way either. What’s odd is that the first accent avoids the tie but the second one doesn’t which makes it all the worse.

Your best bet is to create a Playing Technique that looks like the desired articulation.

Indeed, we don’t have any such option at the moment, though it is on our backlog for adding in a future version.

Thanks, Craig, good suggestion. I will do it that way.

Dan, thanks for the feedback - it seems like a slightly funky default setting, to be honest! I wonder if instead of adding a settings toggle in the future (since that might be a lot more work), maybe the team might consider just making one articulation symbol per chord (stem) to be the default in a near update. A quick review of some historical (early to late- 20th c.) split-stem music with articulations seems to always show that only one articulation is needed per stemmed chord. A few little examples:

Bartók, Mikrokosmos 5

bartok mikrokosmos 5

Henri Dutilleux - Prelude II. “Sur un même accord”

Ornstein, Danse Sauvage

Ornstein Danse Sauvage 1913

Toru Takemitsu, Pause Ininterrompue

Takemitsu pause ininterrompue

Berio, Brin (1990)

And ok, this last one isn’t technically a split-stem chord, but it is a cluster with a wide, nonstandard bunch of noteheads, and it has only one articulation sign (lined up with the stem).

Messiaen, Vingt Regards

Messiaen Vingt Regards



I agree we should have an option for this, and we’ll try to get to it soon.

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